Process of opening a Dayhome

When starting a dayhome the agency that you choose is crucial to the success of your new venture. At The Child Day Homes, we do everything in our power to ensure that our educators are set up for success. We provide business support, and administrative support and put you in touch with experienced consultants so that they can help guide you forward. By choosing to open a dayhome with us you gain the following benefits.

Opening a Dayhome with us?

How the process work


Get in touch with us and fill out the initial educator application on our website.

A consultant will contact you to schedule an initial meeting to confirm your eligibility and answer any questions you might have.



Provided everything is in order the consultant will come to where your plan on operating the dayhome to complete sa safety inspection and provide you with a list of required documents.

After you submit the required documents the consultant will complete the final paperwork and get you contracted with the agency.



You receive an onboarding from the consultant that getsyou enrolled into the attendance software, payment platform and our document storage platform.

We provide you with resources to get children enrolled in your program and you are free to start operating your business.


Have any questions feel free to reach out!