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When starting a dayhome the agency that you choose is crucial to the success of your new venture. At The Child Day Homes, we do everything in our power to ensure that our educators are set up for success. We provide business support, and administrative support and put you in touch with experienced consultants so that they can help guide you forward. By choosing to open a dayhome with us you gain the following benefits.

Gurjeet Kaur Khosa Play Home

I am Gurjeet Khosa . I am a level 2 early childcare educator and I have two years of work experience. I have attended the Flight workshop so, I have adequate knowledge of their curriculum too. I believe in child centered and open ended program plan which might be helpful for the children to create their own understanding through exploration. My philosophy is to create a learning environment for children by bringing different types of materials under one roof. At my home, I live with my husband and my two children. I will be providing healthy snacks and meals for the children in my care. I strive towards creating a safe and homely environment for the children . I understand the liability of taking care of your precious children and I am adamant to fulfill your expectations

Offered Features

• Transportation to school
• Diapers Provided
• Screen Free Dayhome
• Daily Reporting
• Smoke Free
• Pet Free
• STEAM Curriculum followed
• Gluten Free
• Bedding Provided
• Security cameras
• Fenced backyard
• Within walking distance to parks and nature walks.
• Dayhome on main floor of home
• Lots of natural light
• Healthy meals provided
• Separate nap-room
• Child-led programming


Contact Details

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